“Squid Game” Almost Didn’t Happen After Suffering 10 Years Of Constant Rejections — Here’s Why

There were numerous reasons why the series was rejected over and over again.

As the world continues to obsess over Netflix‘s Squid Game, new details are being released to keep up with the success of the K-Drama. As behind-the-scene details continue to emerge for all of the show’s fans, the director of the series Hwang Dong Hyuk shared some surprising information about how Squid Game almost never came to fruition.

Still from “Squid Game” | Netflix

During the interview, the director revealed that Squid Game had actually been created and written over 10 years ago, but he ran into many obstacles trying to get the series up and running.

We heard that the series was too strange and unrealistic. We were rejected by all potential investors and actors.

— Hwang Dong Hyuk

“Squid Game” director Hwang Dong Hyuk | Netflix

The mastermind behind the worldwide phenomenon continued to share that he thought of Squid Game in 2008, but he had completed the series’ scenario back in 2009. However, he was met with endless doubts from everyone around him.

The show’s scenario was completed in 2009, but at this time, there was too much social and cultural unfamiliarity with this kind of production. Because of this, we heard that the scenario was unrealistic many times.

— Hwang Dong Hyuk

| Netflix

However, Hwang Dong Hyuk revealed that despite all of the doubts and rejections he received, he never gave up on the series. Following the creation of the show, OTT (over-the-top) media platform services, such as Netflix started to appear and it was only then that Squid Game‘s vision was able to come to life.

I felt that the timing was premature after getting rejected by every investor. 10 years later, however, OTTs appeared and the gap between the rich and the poor started to become even greater.

The idea of succeeding with fast money also became more idealized. The combination of both and the synergy that was created between the two is what made this production come to life.

— Hwang Dong Hyuk

| Netflix

Well, thank goodness for Netflix because it sounds like we would have never seen the light of Squid Game otherwise!

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