Netizens Divided Over Henry’s Apology Regarding His Appointment As An Anti-Bullying Ambassador

They remain divided.

Super Junior‘s Henry recently issued an apology after he faced backlash due to his appointment as an anti-bullying ambassador. Unfortunately, the apology was met with divided responses. While Koreans felt that Henry was insincere in his apology and did not fully grasp the key issue at hand, Chinese netizens showed their support for Henry.

| Mapo Police Station

The issue started when Seoul’s Mapo Police Station announced the appointment. Although Henry is Taiwanese by blood and raised in Canada, he had previously shown support for the CCP in China through Weibo. With the intensified hostility between South Korea and China, the Korean public began to demand the removal of Henry as the ambassador against school violence. While a portion of South Koreans showed their disappointment in the appointment, others began to show their support for Henry through the Mapo Police’s question board.

The Mapo Police Station Q&A board. | theqoo
  • “I support the appointment of Henry as the anti-bullying ambassador”
  • “I support Henry and the Mapo Police Station”
  • “I support Henry as the anti-bullying ambassador”
  • “It is a crime to cyber-bully. We don’t need an ambassador but can the police please solve this?”
  • “Thank you for appointing Henry as the anti-bullying ambassador”

On the other hand, other Korean netizens remain upset about the appointment. They firmly stand by the criticism of Henry as a CCP supporter. They were also upset by Henry’s apology, which was filled with grammatical errors. As Henry is not Korean, it would be plausible for him to be unfamiliar with the language. Koreans began to reference his previous posts in perfectly worded Korean and thus accused him of allegedly faking typos in the apology.

| theqoo
  • “Seems like he’s doing it on purpose LOL”
  • “And the apology was f*cking ridiculous. He’s purposely acting like a victim for the other fans and Chinese to think that he was on the receiving end of racism LOL”
  • “Are the ones who posted their support Korean or joseonjok (ethnic-Chinese)? They’re basically an army of commenters”
  • “Get lost to your own country”
  • “LOL Henry is so sly. He’s totally a bad person. He made the Chinese stand on his side. Go to China you sneaky brat”
  • “I really hate him LOL”
  • “Hate him, truly”
  • “Why did the Mapo Police Station choose him as the ambassador? Whether or not he was on shows supporting the Northeastern Project or not, anyway that’s his personal choice but it seems like he has no intentions of promoting in Korea and so I didn’t care but I lost any remnant like for him at his post which I can’t tell if it’s a statement or an apology. ‘I’m so sorry,’ f*ck”

As for the Chinese response, many are supportive of Henry.

| Weibo
  • “He’s Chinese, why is he not allowed to love China?”
  • “When a person’s bloodline is the only thing that can be criticized, then that person is definitely successful.”
  • “His apology is for the fans.”
  • “Koreans are so insecure.”
  • “He’s apologizing to his fans because he hasn’t been able to stay happy. What’s the purpose of this Weibo post?”

His apology was the last time the matter was addressed. Mapo Police Station has yet to give a statement.

Source: theqoo and Weibo