Heo Ji Woong speaks up about recent scandals involving “We Got Married” cast

On the February 19th episode of War of Words, Heo Ji Woong and Lee Yoon Suk discussed recent scandals that have surfaced in relation to the couples on We Got Married.

We Got Married has been a popular variety show as many famous celebrities are paired up to be virtual couples, showing the viewers how they would act in a relationship. However, recently, there has been some concerns as to whether some fans and viewers are taking the show way too seriously.

To start off the discussion, Heo Ji Woong stated, “It’s a virtual program anyway, I thought it was funny that people were trying to prove that the couples weren’t actually dating.

Lee Yoon Suk then reasoned, “There’s a thin layer of fantasy involved in the show. Everyone knows that it’s not true but there are times where the boundary between fantasy and reality blur. That’s why they feel attracted to the show. That’s why they wish for their fantasy not to be shattered.”

To this, Heo Ji Woong stated, “So you just want them to stay loyal to their make-believe world, but I feel like even that is too much to ask for.

Earlier, reports surfaced in regards to current cast members of We Got Married dating in real life. In particular, Kim So Eun was reported to be dating Son Ho Joon, leading her to apologize to her virtual husband, Song Jae Rim. Hong Jong Hyun was also rumored to be dating After School’s Nana, despite being in a on-screen relationship with Girl’s Day’s Yura.

Source: Newsen