Here’s Why BTS V’s MBTI Type Changed, According To V Himself

His personality type may have changed, but we love him just the same!

BTS V‘s MBTI type recently changed, and he revealed why he thinks his personality has changed.

BTS’s V | GQ

V switched from an ENFP to an INFP. Both of these personality types are highly creative, intuitive, and in touch with their emotions. Although these personality types are similar, INFPs are more introverted. Their introversion makes them more careful and cautious than ENFPs. Since revealing that his personality type has changed, V has also opened up about how the change has impacted his songwriting process.

| Vogue Korea

In an interview with Vogue Korea, V explained what he thinks is behind his shift from ENFP to INFP. V began by asking, “The first letter of my MBTI personality type used to be E [for Extrovert], but recently it changed to I [for Introvert]. Don’t they say the difference between the two is huge?”

| Vogue Korea

According to V, his switch from extrovert to introvert is “because he has recently experienced some growing pains.” He explained, “I don’t think these changes are a bad thing because I have learned how to decide what is right for me and what isn’t. I was able to grow with help from people around me.”

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V has a rather wise way of thinking about the challenges he has faced and any challenges he may face in the future. He said, “There may be many bumps on the road ahead, and I may experience pain at some point, but I’m not afraid. How I proceed in those situations is the most important thing.” Looks like he’s definitely got INFPs’ introspection trait!

| Vogue Korea

Although V’s personality type may have changed, we love him just the same!

Source: Vogue Korea