Here’s Why Chiba Erii Is Garnering A Following Despite Being Part Of Produce 48’s Worst Performance

Erii’s popularity among Korean netizens is skyrocketing despite the popular opinion on her skills.

On the latest episode of Produce 48, a group of trainees attempted BLACKPINK’s “Boombayah” and failed miserably, earning them the title of “the group that came straight from hell”.

Produce 48 Trainees Attempt BLACKPINK’s “Boombayah”… And Fail Miserably


Despite the terrible reviews from netizens, however, the popularity of Japanese trainee Chiba Erii has been skyrocketing, with Korean netizens falling in love with her charm.


The idol is, in fact, only 15 years old and because of her young age, her sometimes tactless honesty is being accepted by netizens in a positive way.

Erii’s mother: “They’re asking how Produce 48 is going.”
Erii: “It’s no fun. It’s scary. It’s not entirely bad, but it’s like hell every day.”


When Chiba Erii’s group was chosen to perform “Boombayah”, she burst into tears along with the other members and sounded like she had already given up in her heart.

“It’s too hard.”


Even during practice, she looked as if she had lost all hope.


But during the actual performance, Chia Erii did the very best that she could and netizens were proud and intrigued.


The clip of Erii performing “Boombayah” has now reached over 800,000 views and over 13,000 comments, many of which praise Erii for her strong will and eccentric charm.

  • “This video is addictive, I keep watching lol. So proud of Erii for memorizing this difficult choreography…You did really well, Erii!”
  • “Erii let’s go~!”
  • “I waited 4 hours to see Erii.”
  • “Her rap part is so cute and addicting.”
  • “Erii’s voice is beautiful. I want to see her skills grow!^^ Looking forward to tonight’s broadcast.”
  • “Omg, a million hearts for Erii.”
  • “I never new Boombayah was such an exciting song until now.”
  • “It’s so funny lol. She’s really cute.”
  • “Clickety-clack, totem dance.”
  • “I keep wanting to laugh but I love it. She’s so cute.”
  • “Is it because she’s young? She feels like a niece or daughter and I keep smiling when I watch her lol. Erii, don’t give up! Fighting!”


With the new episode of Produce 48 airing soon, fans look forward to seeing Erii prove everyone wrong! Watch Erii’s “Boombayah” performance below.

Source: Naver TV