Here’s The Endearing Reason Why ARMYs Believe BTS’s Jin Doesn’t Know How To Like Photos On Instagram

If Jin says this is how you like posts, then this is how you like posts!

Some ARMYs believe BTS‘s Jin doesn’t know how to like Instagram photos, but his unique method of “liking” pictures is much cuter than the typical way!

BTS’s Jin | @koreadispatch/Instagram

All 7 BTS members opened personal Instagram accounts earlier this week, and ARMYs have been treated to lots of cute online interactions between the members. The members have been commenting on each other’s posts, tagging each other in photos, and just being positively adorable.

A photo uploaded by RM in which Suga is tagged with comments from Jin and J-Hope | @rkive/Instagram

Jin commented on one of J-Hope‘s photos to ask about the “like” button.

Jwehope, but why do you press ‘like’ on instagram

does it mean ‘I like your writing/post’?

Jwehope press the heart for mine

— Jin’s comment on J-Hope’s post

After asking about the heart-shaped like button, Jin started leaving hearts in the comment section on his fellow members’ posts.


Some ARMYs believe that Jin thinks leaving a heart in the comments means he liked the post. When you search for Jin’s username in the likes on the members’ posts, Instagram says there are “no users found.” 

A few fans think Jin may be clicking the heart emoji that’s suggested when users start writing a comment on the post.

ARMYs found Jin’s unique method of liking posts endearing, and they talked about his sweet heart comments on Twitter.

If Jin says he’s liking posts, then he’s liking posts! We’re looking forward to seeing more and more cute interactions between the members on Instagram in the future!