Here’s Why Fans Oppose Wanna One’s Promotion Extension

“The group is made to only benefit CJ.

A post on a Korean online community listing the reasons why Wanna One shouldn’t extend their promotions has been receiving much attention from K-netizens who have generally been agreeing with the writer of the post.


It was recently announced that Wanna One was currently in discussions to extend their promotion period and this has led to split opinions between fans.

Wanna One in Discussions to Extend Promotion Period By 1 Month


The writer, who opposed this idea, titled their post “4 reasons I oppose the extension as a Wannable” and proceeded to list the 4 reasons as to why Wanna One should not extend their promotions:

1. The group is made to only benefit CJ. The members don’t make nearly as much as other groups.

2. Even if their promotions are extended, it will come to an end eventually. The members are still young, they succeeded through Wanna One and gained much experience so I hope they’ll use that as a foundation to properly find their own way in their next group. I think all members have immense potential. Most of the members have grown a lot through Wanna One promotions. Even if promotions are extended, it’ll be maybe 6 months? 1 year? But this will only increase the probability that Wanna One will become their last idol group. They need to hurry up and return with a new team.

3. The coalition of crazy individual fandoms. I seriously thought it was a war for the past 1 year. I’ve experienced all kinds of aggressive and malicious fans. I didn’t watch Produce 48 and this is precisely the reason I don’t plan to. Normal humans cannot deal with these people. Normal fans will end up going crazy within no time among these people.

4. CJ is currently running a factory, essentially, in order to gain the maximum amount of profit within the limited promotion period. No matter how young the members are, they have a limit and their bodies can’t take it all. No matter how much fans eagerly await Wanna One news, there is no fan who wants their pick to ruin their health for frequent comebacks.


Many fans seemed to agree with the writer of the post expressing their concerns for the members.

  • “The people who want Wanna One to extend their promotions are all ‘light’ fans. True fans are completely against it. They’re popular and it’s all good but it’s not like they’re only going to be active in the entertainment industry for one year, they need to prepare for their future too. They can’t continue to endure their struggles for the sake of their fandoms. I think they’ll all be too exhausted if they extend the contract. They should get settled into their new groups while they still have the energy to do so, not extend their promotions.”
  • “If their promotions are extended, it’ll probably great for awhile. But for that short period of time, it’s obvious that the members will be overworked like now…And what about the emptiness that’ll be left when that extension is over? I think it’s more important to just move on while they’re still hot and return to their agencies and make their debuts.”
  • “I wish they’d just end their promotions according to the contract. If it’s extended, yes it’ll be good for us but I don’t think it’s for the benefit of the members and it’ll become a huge issue again too. I hope they just end this already and start anew in their respective agencies and debut.”
  • “If I really cared for Wanna One I’d want them to shorten their promotions. Those who support the extension must want to kill their biases and bury them in Wanna One. If you look into the next 10 years, start hoping now that their next group will be a success.”
  • “I personally agree with number 4. If CJ continues to give them comebacks and hold concerts and fan meetings, it’s, of course, great for fans but what about the members’ health? They’re humans too. Don’t you think you’d be exhausted if you were them too?”


Of course, many haters also joined in the comments and made sarcastic remarks as to why they should extend their promotions.

  • “Please extend it! Let’s make it happen so they’ll forever remain vulgar, money-grubbing idols that they are!”
  • “Extend it! I’m a true Wanna One anti-fan so I truly wish they would extend their promotions. I hope they make a fool of themselves and disappear into thin air when Produce 48 takes over.”
  • “I want them to continue because I hate them so much lol. I hope they’re ripped apart. They’ll be remembered as grubby idols.”
Source: Pann Nate

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