Here’s How IU And BTS Suga’s Collaboration “Eight” Came To Be

An official at IU’s agency shared details about their upcoming song.

IU and BTS‘s Suga have a new song coming out, but how did this legendary collaboration come to be?

On April 27, EDAM Entertainment announced IU’s plans to release new music early next month. Suga worked on IU’s comeback song “Eight” as both producer and featured artist. BTS’s members are known IU fans, but it turns out that the love is mutual!

According to an EDAM Entertainment official, it was IU who proposed the collaboration to Suga. Suga gladly agreed to take part in the project, having great respect for his senior and her music.

IU’s agency also stated that IU and Suga shared their thoughts with each other as musicians to create their own unique synergy in “Eight”. Through this collaboration, IU will bring new music to fans that differs from her previous music style.

Suga working on music in his “Genius Lab”.

Mark your calendars! “Eight” will be dropping on May 6, and you won’t want to miss it.

IU and BTS’s Suga Announce Surprise Collaboration Single

Source: OSEN and Sports Donga