Here’s How Jin Really Feels About Being Mistaken For The Maknae Member Of BTS

“Hyung, you look like our maknae!”

For years, BTS‘s oldest hyung Jin has been playfully mistaken for the maknae, or the youngest, member of the group.

BTS’s Jin | @bts_twt/Twitter

Is it because his undying worldwide handsomeness?

Or is it more so because of his hilarious personality and laid back energy?

Whatever it is, Jin is often dubbed the matnae (맏내) — a combination of the prefix mat- meaning the oldest and the word maknae.

BTS’s Jin on “Dynamite” MV set. | @BigHitEnt/Twitter

Then, on August 21, while celebrating the release of “Dynamite” with a live broadcast session, Jin’s matnae-ness was brought up once again!

BTS on live broadcast. | @BigHitEnt/Twitter

As the members sat watching the music video for the first time themselves, J-Hope pointed out that Jin “looks young“.

You look really young here. Very youthful.

— J-Hope

For your reference, here’s Jin looking extra extra fresh in the MV:

And as a reminder, in the case you’re feeling as confused as the rest of us, Jin is 27 years old.

To J-Hope’s comment, Jin casually responded, “That’s because I have a young mindset.” J-Hope agreed and immediately called him the “maknae” visual.

Jin: That’s because I have a young mindset.
J-Hope: Yeah hyung, you look like our maknae!

And though Jin must hear the praise for his age-defying looks all the time, he especially appreciated it coming from J-Hope. Jin playfully responded, “What a pleasant thing to hear!” making J-Hope chuckle.

Looks like Jin never gets tired of hearing the maknae visual compliment!

It’s no wonder the dongsaeng members of BTS love their oldest hyung so much. Not only does he look young, he also lives young. And for that, along with a gazillion other reasons, we stan matnae Jin!

Watch “Dynamite” MV here:

Source: THEQOO