Here’s What Jung Joon Young’s Life In Jail Is Like Right Now

Here’s what he does.

Jung Joon Young‘s current lifestyle while he is in jail as a pending criminal defendant has been revealed.

During an exclusive broadcast from Channel A‘s Rumor Has It, the reporters on the show talked about a tip-off they received from a person who was in the same detention center cell as Jung Joon Young, and shared what he has been doing while awaiting his final sentence.

I received a tip-off from a person who was in the detention center with Jung Joon Young.

He said he really wants to return to the public society right now.

— Reporter Choi Jeong Ah

Choi Jeong Ah elaborated, sharing the conversations that pending prisoners have during their time in the detention center.

In the detention center, there are a number of pending prisoners waiting for their sentence. In there, they all have steps of identifying each other, asking questions like ‘what charges are you in for’ and ‘what have you done for society’.

Anyone can tell Jung Joon Young is Jung Joon Young. Because everyone knows his job was a singer, one of the older male prisoners will taunt him and tell him to get up and sing for him. Jung Joon Young will get up, lean on the wall and start singing.

— Reporter Choi Jeong Ah

Jung Joon Young’s legal counsel recently filed a 2nd appeal to the Supreme Court, after his 1st appeal resulted in the reduction of his prison sentence from five years to four years. Prosecution has also filed an appeal, hoping to increase his sentence length.

Watch the clip below:

Source: Xportnews