Here’s Why You Should Love Mint Chocolate, According To WayV’s Xiaojun

How do you feel about mint chocolate?

WayV‘s Xiaojun is spreading his love for mint chocolate!

WayV’s Xiaojun | @djxiao_888/Instagram

In the latest episode of NCT Jungwoo‘s “Find This Person” series, Jungwoo meets with Xiaojun, the Mint Master, on his journey to becoming the next mint choco fairy.

“We invite you to the world of mint chocolate.” | NCT/YouTube

When Jungwoo first sees Xiaojun in the video, Xiaojun tells him that his job is to spread love for mint chocolate.

“Mint chocolate is amazing, right? I spread the love for mint chocolate.” | NCT/YouTube

Jungwoo asks Xiaojun what made him fall in love with mint chocolate.

“May I ask what made you fall in love with mint chocolate?” | NCT/YouTube

Xiaojun said eating refreshing mint chocolate in the summer helps people to cool off.

“First of all, it’s summer right now. Every time you eat mint in the summer, it cools you down.” | NCT/YouTube

Xiaojun also believes that mint chocolate’s color is soothing.

“Also, mint green looks very comforting.” | NCT/YouTube

Xiaojun’s most important reason to love mint chocolate is hard to argue with: He looks cute in mint-colored clothing!

“Also, the most important thing is whenever I wear mint green, I look cute.” | NCT/YouTube

Did Xiaojun’s arguments convince you to love mint chocolate? See the full video below for more mint choco love!