WayV’s Xiaojun And NCT 127’s Jungwoo Taste Test Controversial Mint Chocolate Flavored Foods

Would you try these mint chocolate foods?

A mint chocolate craze recently swept through South Korea, and WayV‘s Xiaojun and NCT 127‘s Jungwoo took it upon themselves to try some of the most controversial mint chocolate flavored foods ever created!

Jungwoo (left) and Xiaojun (right) | NCT/YouTube

In a new video entitled “Wanna Be the Next Mint Choco Fairy?” Jungwoo met with Xiaojun, the Mint Master, to deepen his love for mint chocolate.

“Isn’t he the mint chocolate teacher, the mint chocolate expert, mint chocolate master? I can’t believe I’m meeting him right now.” | NCT/YouTube

After the Mint Master and his new student dressed in mint-colored clothing and snapped a few selfies, they started their taste test.

| NCT/YouTube

First, they tried mint chocolate flavored milk.

| NCT/YouTube

After trying the mint chocolate milk, Jungwoo said it tastes like toothpaste.

“I’m not joking. It really tastes like toothpaste.” | NCT/YouTube

Next up was mint chocolate rice cakes.

| NCT/YouTube

The rice cakes earned Jungwoo’s stamp of approval, and he said they were “so good!”

“So good!” | NCT/YouTube

Next, Xiaojun and Jungwoo tried mint chocolate fried chicken. Xiaojun said, “This will let you truly feel the mint chocolate flavor.”

| NCT/YouTube

Although Xiaojun explained that mint chocolate chicken is a great way to immerse yourself in mint chocolate love, he hesitated to try the chicken and told Jungwoo to try it first.

“Try it first. I’ve felt it enough already.” | NCT/YouTube

Jungwoo hilariously pretended he didn’t know how to eat chicken and asked Xiaojun to show him first.

“I can’t eat this. I’ve never had it before. You should teach me how to eat it.” | NCT/YouTube

Eventually, Xiaojun agreed to try the chicken first, and the taste made him laugh out loud.

| NCT/YouTube

Next, Jungwoo tries the mint chocolate chicken and says it’s “so delicious.” 

| NCT/YouTube

After trying 3 new mint chocolate creations, Jungwoo and Xiaojun enjoyed the most beloved mint chocolate flavored food of all time, mint chocolate ice cream.

| NCT/YouTube

See all of Jungwoo and Xiaojun’s taste testing fun below!