Here’s How Much Money Big Hit Entertainment Made In 2019

It’s a boatload of money — literally.

Big Hit Entertainment has released their 2019 financial report showing their revenue and profits from last year.

According to the financial reports, Big Hit Entertainment tallied a total revenue of ₩587.2 billion KRW ($480,026,780 USD), which came from selling over 6 million copies of their artists’ albums, including over 3.72 million copies of BTS‘ MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA. The number was also boosted by BTS’ world tour concert revenue, and was aided by the successful debut of TXT. Big Hit Entertainment specifically saw a huge increase in sales from the North American market. Their revenue increased by 95% compared to 2018.

In terms of profit, which is the amount of money Big Hit Entertainment makes after paying all of their costs such as employees, building, and production fees, the company pulled in ₩98.7 billion KRW ($80,685,700 USD) in profit. This is a 24% increase from the year 2018.

A Big Hit Entertainment official commented on the rise of the company.

The year 2019 is the year where Big Hit Entertainment pushed to upgrade its corporate structure, but at the same time, also continued to expand its explosive sales and maintain high growth rates.

BTS is making unprecedented achievements as a Korean artist, and we can expect even greater growth as a company with the continued growth of TXT and GFRIEND, and securing a strong training system.

— Big Hit Entertainment

Source: Tenasia