Here’s The NCT 127 Member Most Likely To Show Up To Work Without His ID Card, According To Doyoung

Can you guess who it is?

Can you guess which NCT 127 member is most likely to forget his SM Entertainment ID card?

NCT’s Doyoung | @nct127/Instagram

Doyoung recently sat down with GQ Korea to share the everyday essentials he carries with him in his bag.

| GQ KOREA/YouTube

Doyoung saved the “most essential” item, his SM Entertainment ID card, for the very end of his video.

Doyoung said he doesn’t always carry his ID with him because he can go anywhere in the SM Entertainment building when he has his manager with him. However, when he wants to use the elevator or go to the practice room from the recording studio, he needs his ID with him.

The interviewer asked Doyoung which member “does not carry their ID card the most,” and Doyoung said it was Haechan.

Doyoung said Haechan usually doesn’t even carry a bag with him. Instead, he just brings his cell phone.

Doyoung said that he doesn’t know how to add his cards to his cell phone, but Haechan does. While Doyoung has to carry his ID card and credit cards with him, Haechan is able to access them through his phone.

Looks like NCT 127’s maknae is an early adopter of technology, and he’s successfully downsized from a bag to just his cell phone!

Check out Doyoung’s “My Essentials” video below.