Here’s Why You Should Be Paying Attention To Produce 48 Trainee Yamada Noe

Her brilliant personality is enchanting the viewers worldwide!

Currently placed at #11 in Top 12, Yamada Noe is a Japanese trainee who didn’t receive too much spotlight when the show premiered. Now, with each stage performance she does, she has viewers helplessly falling in love with her!


Yamada Noe’s unique voice is what initially sparked interest among the viewers. When she playfully pointed out, “It’s not because of a fever”, viewers found her positive energy to be inspiring.


Since then, viewers have kept their eyes on her bubbly vibe. Her individual promotional video received 230K views, with the comment section bursting with praise. Her personality is most definitely charming the viewers!

  • “She is going to be such a scene stealer!”

  • “This girl is so interesting.”

  • “Okay, girl. You go win the show!”


By the time Yamada Noe showed off these freestyle dance moves, her fellow trainees and even the judges were madly in love with her. No one can escape this trainee’s level of good vibes and happy energy.

Viewers became more and more convinced that Yamada Noe has what it takes to be a true entertainer!

  • “It takes brass ones to dance to Ricky Martin’s Living La Vida Loca – Mad props to Yamada Noe (NGT48) who had the courage to do so!”

  • “Noe has the soul of entertainer, she will definitely do very well in variety or comedy.”

  • “Yamada Noe for the win!!!”


While her singing and dancing skills aren’t as strong as the Korean trainees’ levels, Yamada Noe boasts a stage presence like no other. The “Pick Me” performance proved not only is Yamada Noe a funny, playful girl, but also an idol in the making. Viewers could see the amount of practice she must have put into this performance!

  • “I want to have this energy on Mondays.”

  • “She’s adorable and looks like she can bring so much to the stage can’t wait to see more of her!”

  • “Her smile is infectious, her energy is unending and her personality is so bright.”


Watch Yamada Noe’s latest group battle performance, where she sings and dances to GFRIEND’s “Love Whisper” and has the time of her life: