Here’s Proof That BTS’s V Is Incredibly Chaotic Every Time He Performs In A Hat

We love V’s chaotic side! 💜

BTS‘s V can be incredibly classy and elegant, but many ARMYs find him the most charming when he’s being chaotic!

BTS’s V | @archivefortae/Twitter

On March 10, BTS performed the first night of their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE—SEOUL concerts, and they put on an incredible show!

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As always, the concert was filled with iconic, showstopping, and hilarious moments.

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V had his fair share of hilarious moments last night, especially when he came out with his hat on for the encore!

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At the March 10 concert, V added his own little twist to the “Permission to Dance” choreography.

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He did a similar dance during “Baepsae.”

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He dramatically crawled on the floor during J-Hope‘s “Dis-ease” verse.

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He was extremely hyped up during “Airplane Pt.2.”

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V’s excitement seemed to reach its peak during Suga‘s verse in “Home.” As Suga rapped, V surprised ARMYs by doing a cartwheel!

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ARMY Twitter could not stop talking about how chaotic V was at the concert, and many fans shared videos and photos of him in action.

While V’s antics at the March 10 concert were hilarious, they weren’t entirely new! V was just as chaotic back in May 2019 when BTS performed at Soldier Field in Chicago.

BTS performing at Soldier Field | Erin Hooley/Chicago Tribune

Just like the March 10 PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE—SEOUL concert, V wore a hat during the encore performance at Soldier Field, and he was incredibly chaotic!

| theultimatedodo/YouTube

To this day, ARMYs still talk about V’s infamous shoulder dance from that night.

| theultimatedodo/YouTube

We can’t wait to see what other antics V and the other members will get into during the remaining PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE—SEOUL concerts!