Here’s A Quick Run-Through Of What Went Down For The First Episode Of BTS’s “In The SOOP”

Who’s excited for episode 2!

On August 19, BTS’s new reality show aired its first episode of JTBC’s In The SOOP at 11 PM KST and revealed the start to their fun-filled and relaxing vacation in the forest. The concept of this show was to reveal the members’ time off as they relax with nature.

Before setting off on their one week trip, the members wrote down what type of activities they would like to do there. From fishing, painting, reading, ping pong, yoga, and more, they prepared a variety of different activities for the trip.

As they headed off to their vacation spot, the members split up into three cars, one car with Jungkook and RM, one car with J-Hope, Jimin, and V, and one car with Suga and Jin.

After arriving at the house, they held a little tour and found that the facility was jam-packed with fun things to do from karaoke, computer games, VR games, a camping car, and more.

They were shocked that the staff actually made it possible and set up a small fish tank for them to hold their fish during their time there.

The members couldn’t hide their excitement as they continued to look around the site with wide eyes and smiles on their faces.

Before eating a yummy meal of black bean noodles and meat, RM and Jin play a round of ping pong. Jungkook and Jimin also have fun with the sandbag too.

Fans are excited to see what kind of shenanigans will go down in the next episode of the show! Stay tuned for episode 2 on Wednesdays at 11 PM KST on JTBC!

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