Here’s Why SHINee Decided To Renew Their Contracts With SM Entertainment

They renewed their contracts for these reasons.

Four of the SHINee members announced during Radio Star that they’ve renewed their contracts with SM Entertainment. During the segment, the members were asked what they wanted to say to each other.


Onew began by saying that he wants to let each member know that he loves them.

I say this more often these days but… I love you guys.

— Onew

Minho thanked the members for being by each others’ side over the past decade.

I’m so thankful that we were so understanding and considerate towards each other over the past 10 years. We’re basically family now, so I hope we can continue like this forever.

— Minho

Key began by saying how he doubts if SHINee would have continued this far if they were given the choice to continue or not a couple years back.

I want us to look back on the days when we were still immature. I don’t know if we’d be here today if they gave us a choice to continue back during out 6th~7th anniversary. We persevered together somehow for 10 years, but for me, everything finally seems worth it now.

— Key

But he announced that all of the members renewed their contracts because of the love they have for each other as Onew mentioned and the family-like relationship they’ve nurtured that Minho talked about.

I’m saying this only because I want to, but we all renewed our contracts to continue doing what we want together.

— Key

Minho chimed in that they’ve known each other since they were teenagers and spent the majority of their 20s together. Now, they’ve vowed to spend their 30s together through their renewed contracts!

We were together in our 10s and 20s, and we’ll be together in our 30s.

— Minho

Taemin closed off by vowing to never change and continue on as brothers, no matter what others may say or think about them.

I don’t want us to ever change. No matter what others may say, I want us to continuing together well. 

— Taemin

Taemin revealed that his life’s motto recently changed from aiming to become a great SHINee to a happy SHINee.

Instead of ‘Let’s do our best’, ‘Let’s be happy.’

— Taemin

SHINee just celebrated their 10th anniversary, and they vow there will be many more anniversaries to come!


Source: eDaily


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