Here’s Why Songs Written By Idols Are Rarely Picked As The Title Track, According To Professional Songwriters

They revealed what happens behind the scenes.

Have you ever wondered why K-Pop title tracks are rarely written by idols?

YouTube channel AYO invited two professional songwriters, Big Sancho and Son Yeong Jin, to talk about this and more in their “Comment Defenders” series.

After naming singer-songwriters from BTOB, (G)-IDLE, and PENTAGON who are not greedy for lines, they shared why these idols’ songs aren’t always chosen as the title track.

Big Sancho explained that the best song will always be the one picked, even if idols write many.

Even though the members write songs, it’s not like they can all be included in the album. Out of many nominees, the best song will be chosen, so sometimes they compete with songwriters.

— Big Sancho

To illustrate just how difficult it is for a song to be chosen, Son Yeong Jin revealed that a group mentioned earlier was rejected six times.

One group out of these 3 got rejected for the title song like 6 times. If you see that, you can tell that an idol songwriter’s song isn’t always picked no matter what.

— Son Yeong Jin

Although the songs of professional songwriters are usually the ones chosen to be title tracks, Big Sancho clarified that they nonetheless help each other out.

When we work on a song, it’s not like songwriters help and organize idol’s songs. As the same songwriters, we share opinions and work it out together. That’s how a song is made.

— Big Sancho

Son Yeong Jin ended by defending their work: “We are very self-sufficient, but it’s not unreasonable.

Watch the full video below.

Source: AYO 에이요