Professional K-Pop Songwriters Name The Singer-Songwriter Idols Who Are Not Greedy For Lines

Hyunsik from BTOB is one of them.

When it comes to line distributions in K-Pop groups, few people know the process better than the songwriters themselves. YouTube channel AYO invited two professional songwriters, Big Sancho and Son Yeong Jin, to talk about this and more in their “Comment Defenders” series.

Big Sancho (Left) and Son Yeong Jin (Right) | @AYO/YouTube
One of the questions they responded to was, “I’m curious, is there a group where the songwriter member has the least parts? For the groups that I like, songwriting members have the most parts“.

Big Sancho took up the helm by stating that it can naturally for the composers to get more lines depending on their vision for the song. After all, they know the group best.

I think that inevitably happens for the whole image of the song. If the songwriter is an idol or singer-songwriter, he can write the song that suits the person the most, so they’re the best person who can express the vibe.

— Big Sancho

Naming (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon as an outstanding writer, he praised her for her decisiveness.

When Jeon Soyeon worked on ‘LATATA’ of (G)I-DLE, she had it all pictured in her head. When I said, ‘let’s do it like this at this part’, she already had a picture drawn.

— Big Sancho

“LATATA” ended up being one of (G)I-DLE’s most fair songs in terms of amount of time given to each member.

Big Sancho couldn’t help but shower her with praise. As they’ve been a team since the group’s debut and until their recent comeback with “Oh My God”, he’s seen her work ethic best.

We worked on the song following that, and it worked out well. So I thought that she’s an amazing person.

— Big Sancho

Son Yeong Jin also gave his two cents by narrowing down the question even further: “I think the intention of the question is: is there an idol that wants to stand out the most?

He name-dropped BTOB‘s Hyunsik and PENTAGON‘s Hui as songwriters who are not greedy for lines. No matter what their final line distribution is, they prioritize the member who fits the part the most.

BTOB’s Hyunsik

As BTOB’s songs prove, line distributions aren’t always biased towards the composers.

If you want to see more secrets spilled by the professional songwriters, check out the full video below.