Here’s The Story Of When SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Was First Recognized In Dubai, According To Hoshi

Penguins are involved 🐧

SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan is so famous that even animals recognize him!

SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan | @saythename_17/Instagram

SEVENTEEN recently recorded a video called “Let’s Meet SEVENTEEN” for AskAnythingChat‘s YouTube channel.

| AskAnythingChat/YouTube

A Carat asked the members when they were first recognized by their fans in South Korea.

Jeonghan said he was recognized early on after the group’s debut because of his distinctive long hair. He said, “When I walked around the streets, people did recognize me a bit faster than other members.”

Woozi said people often recognized him when he was on his way to practice.

Dino was still in school when SEVENTEEN debuted, and he said his classmates were used to seeing him as a trainee. After debut, however, they saw him as a K-Pop idol and wanted his autograph. He said, “My friends used to see me as a trainee, but after debut they were amazed and wanted my signature.”

Joshua said a fan once recognized him while he was out for a bike ride. He was riding his bike near Gangnam-Gu Office Station, but he was too tired to pedal after riding up a large hill. While he was walking with his bike, a fan asked him if he was SEVENTEEN’s Joshua.

S.COUPS said he was recognized while eating with his brother in Daegu. He didn’t expect the person who recognized him to be a fan of SEVENTEEN, but they told him how much they loved “Don’t Wanna Cry.”

DK said he was once recognized by a fan at an amusement park, and they rode the bumper cars together.

Although the question was about being recognized in South Korea, Hoshi shared a story about the time Jeonghan was recognized in Dubai.

Hoshi explained that it was really hot in Dubai, so they went to an indoor ski resort.

According to Hoshi, Jeonghan was recognized by penguins at the resort!

Hoshi told the story in a serious, deadpan manner, so the funny story took the members by surprise. DK said, “You were so serious, I don’t know how to react to this.”

Jeonghan played along with the joke and said the penguins followed him around to ask if he was a SEVENTEEN member.

Carats loved Hoshi’s hilarious story just as much as the members did.

Check out the full video below.