Here’s How Each Wanna One Member Confessed Their Love To Fans At Their Last Comeback Show Ever

“Thank you for making me into a happy person. I will become your happiness too.” 

Wanna One has released their 1st full studio album, ,”1¹¹=1 (Power of Destiny)”.


The band is scheduled to disband on December 31, 2018 though there have been discussions about extending their contract. As far as fans know, however, this may very well be their final comeback.

At the end of their final comeback show, each of the members left a sweet message for their fans.


1. Kang Daniel

To our Wannable, finally our first studio album has come out! It’s all thanks to you! Please look forward to even better performances in the future. Thank you. Aja, Wannable!”

— Daniel


2. Lai Guanlin

“I will work hard, as much as Wannable loves me, so please watch over me. Thank you, thank you!!!”

— Guanlin


3. Ha Sungwoon

“Thank you for making me into a happy person. I will become your happiness too.”

— Sungwoon


4. Hwang Minhyun

“Until now, I was grateful to you. I am so grateful to you right now. And in the future, I will be grateful to you.”

— Minhyun


5. Bae Jinyoung

“Wannable is the only reason why Wanna One exists. You’re always thankful, very reliable, and also a source of strength. Wannable, I love you.”

— Jinyoung


6. Lee Daehwi

“To Wannable, who I am always sorry to, thankful to, and love. Thanks to all of you, we were able to make it this far. I’ll work even harder~ I love you~!! Power of destiny.”

— Daehwi


7. Park Jihoon

“Thank you so much for always being with us. I promise I won’t change. Don’t get sick/be hurt. I’ll love you forever.”

— Jihoon


8. Kim Jaehwan

“I’ll sing for our Wannable forever.”

— Jaehwan


9. Park Woojin

“Thank you so much for being the reason we exist and for giving us the opportunity to repay your love. Thank you very much for being our pillar! I hope we always think of each other. I love you, Wannable.”

— Woojin


10. Yoon Jisung

“Our Wannable who made us, and got us to where we are, and loves Wanna One. Wanna One minus Wannable equals zero.”

— Jisung


11. Ong Sungwoo

“If our time has a limit, then I want to treat that time like forever. If our time is forever, then it will be as though time has stopped. That’s how I want to have forever.”

— Sungwoo

Wanna One