[★TRENDING] Here’s Why Lee Kwang Soo Was The Only Running Man Cast To Win An Award

SBS released a statement through Running Man‘s official Instagram as to why the show was awarded with only one award.

SBS answered the burning question on the minds of  many fans after the “2016 SBS Entertainment Awards” last night. “Why was Lee Kwang Soo the only person to win an award for “Running Man”?”

After Lee Kwang Soo received the Top Excellence Award last night, he gave a moving speech thanking his members and the producers of the show.

Member Song Ji Hyo was driven to tears over the emotional moment and many fans of the show were moved to see just how much the members obviously cared for each other.

Many people however, believed that Running Man was eligible for more than one excellence award for one member of the cast. Especially in light of the fact that the program which has been symbolising SBS weekend variety shows for 7 years has announced that it will end during February of 2017.

SBS released a statement as to why this was the case on SBS Running Man’s official program.

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The statement below is a direct translation of the Korean statement on the Instagram post by SBS.

“Lee Kwang Soo has received the first prize in the variety program department at the 2016 SBS Entertainment Awards. Running Man members had stated that they would like to make their appearance on the award show a quiet one and did not wish to receive any awards. For this reason, Running Man was only given 1 award.”

The two Best Program Awards were awarded to new variety show “Ugly Duckling” and the popular documentary program “The Its Know“. Shin Dong Yup also received The Grand Award for his role on the show Ugly Duckling.

Watch Kwang Soo’s Acceptance Speech Below: 
*The full translation of his speech can be found here*