Rapper From “High School Rapper” Fame Arrested On Charges Of Drug Abuse

Netizens have placed a name on him.

A rapper from Mnet‘s High School Rapper has been taken in by the police on charges of drug abuse. On July 12, 2022, it was revealed that he had been arrested by the Incheon Gyeyang Police Station for violating drug use laws.

It was reported that he did marijuana and meth in his own residence in Incheon. Someone had tipped off the police, who began to investigate him on July 9, 2022. They confiscated 1.0g of meth and around 4 syringes in his possession.

He has admitted to the charges and tested positive for drug use after a urine test. It was said that he had bought the drugs from an online source. There were 3 to 4 others who had participated with him and are also being investigated.

Not much about him has been revealed except that he is currently in his 20s. According to netizens, the rapper in question is allegedly Bully the Ba$tard, also known as Yoon Byung Ho. His identity has not been confirmed by the police.

Yoon Byung Ho on High School Rapper. | Mnet

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