High school rapper caught in prostitution bullying scandal speaks his mind during livesteam

Former High School Rapper contestant Jang Yong Joon recently aired a live stream on his own Facebook to express his emotions regarding his withdrawal from the show.

On February 16, Jang Yong Joon aired his live stream while he was in a taxi with a friend. He explained the reason behind his live stream was to address some questions that many netizens have and to provide some information on his future plans.

Jang Yong Joon was taken off Mnet’s “High School Rapper” because of a number of reasons. He solicited prostitution from a middle schooler through Twitter, talked ill of his mother and asked a friend to beat her up, and finally his reputation as a school bully.

First, he mentioned his departure from High School Rapper and mentioned that he will not be quitting on his dreams despite the controversy that arose after disrespectful messages about his mother were leaked.

“I can’t go back on High School Rapper because what I did was wrong so that’s something I need to take responsibility for… But that doesn’t mean I’ll be postponing anything else. I’m working on an album and it’ll be released according to plan.”

Jang Yong Joon

Swings had previously expressed a great interest in signing Jang Yong Joon to his label, Just Music, and so naturally, his viewers asked him whether this was going to happen. He answered,

“I have no connection to Just Music. I would appreciate it if you didn’t ask me about them anymore.”

Jang Yong Joon

When asked if his politician father (now resigned) had physically punished him after he saw the leaked messages, Jang Yong Joon notified the viewers that his father did not physically punish him; rather, he laughed and joked that the public did.

He then ended his live stream by saying,

“I know everyone is angry at me and you all have a lot to say, so you can curse me all you want. I don’t think badly of it. I don’t want to blame anyone either. Because there’s a reason. I’m not just saying this to pretend like I’m incredibly generous.”

Jang Yong Joon

Watch the full stream here.

Source: DongA