Former “High School Rapper” Contestant Boasts Strong College Entrance Exam Scores In Midst Of Her Promotions

She got 1st in Korean and 2nd in English!

Former High School Rapper contestant Ha Sun Ho or also known as Sandy, is gaining attention for her incredible academics!

| UPVOTE Entertainment

The 18 year old rapper, who impressed viewers of High School Rapper with her rapping talent is impressing netizens with something entirely different this time around. Sandy recently took to her personal Instagram page, where she shared a photo of her college entrance exam scores and they are receiving a lot of attention. She asked her followers to ask her some questions, to which one fan asked “noona, what was your college entrance exam score?”

| @sandybeach0205/Instagram

Sandy responded with this photo and caption,

I did the math. I placed first in the Korean language and second in the English language but don’t worry, I kept my promise ha ha”

— Sandy

Sandy impressed viewers of High School Rapper with her deep voice and incredible rap flow. Prior to her appearance on the show, she tried out for Show Me The Money as a way of gaining experience. She made her official debut in 2019 with her song “Dolmeng-Ee” under UPVOTE Entertainment.

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She also recently made a comeback in June with her song “Love Me More” and has been promoting it since. This further impressed netizens since she has been busy with her career and promotional activities, but she still managed to score incredibly high on one of South Korea’s hardest exams.

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This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, however, as Sandy is currently a student at Seoul Foreign Language High School where she majors in the Japanese language. With the knowledge of her college entrance exam scores and the specific school she chose to attend, it’s apparent that the young rapper has a knack for languages.

Smart and talented, talk about duality! Check out Sandy’s newest song, “Love Me More” down below.

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