HIGH4 to promote in Korea and China simultaneously with upcoming single “Baby Boy”

Boy group HIGH4 will be releasing their 4th single soon, which they will be promoting in both Korea and China simultaneously.

On May 27th, the four-member group unveiled the first concept image teaser for their single “Baby Boy.” Their agency NAP Entertainment shed more light on the upcoming track, revealing that it is a hip-hop and R&B track that features not only a soft melody but a powerful rap and is unlike their group’s previous releases.

This June, HIGH4 met with their Chinese fans following the release of the Chinese version of their Korean debut single “Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms.” Between the months of July and August, in addition to Korean activities, they will pursue Japan activities with performances in Mexico in the future that are yet to be confirmed.

The Chinese version of “Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms” was officially released on June 16th on online sites, while their new upcoming single “Baby Boy” will be released on June 4th.

Source: TV Report

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