Highlight’s Yang Yoseob Jokingly Apologizes For Leaving His House Through The Front Door

Can he get any cuter?

Highlight‘s Yang Yoseob got into a little bit of a conundrum recently when he decided to hold a Q&A over Instagram. A fan had asked for his daily routine and in particular, the things he absolutely must do every day.

Yoseob got a little playful as he answered it jokingly.

Lying down before I sleep, drinking water after eating, turning off the TV after watching, wiping off after showers, and going out through the front door is a must whenever I leave the house.

— Yoseob

| @yysbeast/Instagram

His sassy answers soon made it to Korean media as articles began popping up the next day. Articles such as “Highlight’s Yang Yoseob’s daily routine… front door is a huge shock” began to surface. He adorably uploaded a screenshot of the news page with the caption, “It seems like I did something really wrong…

Previously, fans had been responding to his initial daily routine answer with jokes as well, including the following.

  • “Shouldn’t you go out through the veranda?”
  • “Excuse me, how can you leave through the front door?”
  • “Wow he’s so hardworking. I just leave the TV on…”

Hilariously, he also responded to a news article that called him out for suggesting fans can go to work on Sundays too. The fan had originally complained about having Monday Blues, to which Yoseob recommended she go to work on Sundays to stave this off. Yoseob jokingly responded, “Honestly I crossed the line with this one… I’m sorry..

We love it when artists can get a little sassy with their fans!

Source: theqoo and FI