Highline Entertainment Confirms Wonho Is Preparing For A Solo Debut

Who’s excited?

Prepare yourselves because Wonho will be returning with a solo album very soon!

According to reports, Wonho is currently busy preparing for his solo album. Although no specific dates have been confirmed, reports predict that it could release sometime at the end of August.

After withdrawing from MONSTA X last year, he joined Highline Entertainment this past April to start fresh as a solo artist and producer.

He also posted a message to his fans on his new fan cafe, “I will try my best to become a place of solace for those that are having a hard time and wish to take a break. Thank you for giving me the chance and allowing me to become a better person.”

| @official__wonho/Twitter

He has shown his talent of producing during his time as MONSTA X and has released many of his composed songs including “No Reason”, “MIRROR”, “If Only” and more.

He has also signed with popular U.S. management group MAVERICK back in May.

Wonho left MONSTA X in October 2019 following accusations made against him by Jung Da Eun. MONBEBE continued to protest to keep Wonho in the group, and Wonho personally opened up about all of the accusations made against him.

Source: star news