MONBEBEs Create A Petition To Keep Wonho A Member Of MONSTA X

Fans are trying their best to keep Wonho with MONSTA X.

With Starship Entertainment‘s announcement of Wonho‘s withdrawal from MONSTA X, MONBEBEs have started a petition to keep him in the group.



With the sudden news of his withdrawal, fans are in disbelief that he has left the group.

A petition has been started online by fans to try and keep Wonho in the group. The current goal on the site is to have 10,000 people to sign the petition.

Here are some of the reasons fans are signing the petition:







Aside from the petition, a hashtag on Twitter has also started to trend, as fans try to support Wonho.

Wonho has also recently posted a handwritten letter about his withdrawal for his fans.


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