Heartbroken Monbebes Raise $25K For MONSTA X Wonho’s Advertisement In NYC Times Square

“They’ve helped us so much, it’s time to repay them.”

A group of MONSTA X fans continue to “fight to bring Wonho back”, post the news of his contract being terminated in light of his scandals, including marijuana use investigation.


From a post-it protest…

MONSTA X Fans Covers Starship Entertainment In Post-Its As A Sign Of Protest Of Wonho’s Departure


… to silent protest…

Fans Hold Silent Protest To Oppose MONSTA X Wonho’s Withdrawal From Group


… these Monbebes are trying their best to appeal to Starship Entertainment to rethink their decision to keep MONSTA X a six-membered group.


As part of their unstoppable movement to keep MONSTA X the “OT7”, some Monbebes have set up a fundraising page — which has reached its goal of $10K within the first hour and is now raking in over $25K — to support putting up an advertisement for Wonho at the New York City Times Square.

We are going to make a graphic and display it in Times Square, where it will be on a board for 21 hours, a 15 second spot, 30 times per hour. They will not put out this fire inside of us… fire needs oxygen, Monsta X needs Monbebe. Starship cannot ignore us. Once goal is reached, I’ll put the order in ASAP, I will keep you updated on my twitter (@kihbebes)! It would mean the absolute world to MX, I know it. They’ve helped us so much, it’s time to repay them.

— Carter Lee, Fundraiser Organizer


The above-mentioned Twitter account @kihbebes also tweeted an update, stating that the funds will be transferred to the organizer’s account and the plan for Wonho’s NYC Times Square advertisement will be in full swing.


While those who support the cause continue to donate money, some others — who believe Wonho was rightfully withdrawn and those who believe in moving forward as a six-membered group — remain resentful toward these attempts, pointing out an advertisement will “only highlight Wonho’s wrongdoings.”

Advertisement? What are we promoting, his criminal records? You know they should shoot these funds straight to Jung Da Eun’s account instead, problem solved.

— Netizen

Source: GoFundMe and THEQOO

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