Fans Hold Silent Protest To Oppose MONSTA X Wonho’s Withdrawal From Group

Fans are doing whatever they can to keep Wonho with MONSTA X.

Although MONSTA X’s Wonho confirmed his withdrawal from the group, fans are continuing to protest to keep him in the group.



Fans posted an announcement online to hold a silent protest for the opposition of Wonho’s withdrawal from the group.


The notice reads:

Purpose: This protest is to oppose the withdrawal of Wonho from MONSTA X. This will be a silent protest to show that we will always be waiting for him.

Time: Sunday 12 AM-5 PM

Location: In front of Starship Entertainment

Although we were to give 48 hours’ notice to hold this protest, it was 12 when we applied, so please understand the time change to Sunday midnight. As this is held late at night, minors can join at 9 AM.

Things to prepare: sitting pad, blanket, mask (option), light stick, photo ID with date of birth written on it, light snacks, and drinks.


  1. Please follow the guidelines given by staff
  2. Although you can move around freely, please let the staff know if you will be leaving your spot for a long time.
  3. Speakers are not allowed
  4. Because this is a silent protest. Actions that go against this are not allowed.
  5. Anyone can join at any time during the protest
  6. Other items besides the slogan and lightsticks that have been handed out are not allowed
  7. You can join even if you do not have a light stick
  8. We will be taking signatures for the petition. We hope a lot of people will sign the petition.
  9. After much negotiation, we have decided not to write letters or messages as we feel it does not fit the purpose of our protest.



Online community boards revealed that around 300 fans have appeared in front of Starship Entertainment.

Jung Da Eun accused Wonho of owing her money and illegally smoking marijuana, causing the withdrawal of Wonho from the group. Starship revealed that they did not have any knowledge about the drug scandal and terminated his contract as of November 1.

Source: theqoo

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