Starship Entertainment Terminates Their Contract With MONSTA X’s Wonho And Responds To Marijuana Accusations

“We will be terminating our contract with Wonho starting as of November 1, 2019.”

Jung Da Eun recently accused Wonho of stealing, owing her money, and illegally smoking marijuana with her. Starship Entertainment had announced that Wonho will be leaving MONSTA X, but did not make further comments about the latest accusations of drug use.

Starship Entertainment finally spoke up to respond to the scandal. They explained that they had no knowledge that Wonho was being investigated for possible drug use. Although Wonho was not proven guilty yet, Starship Entertainment announced that they will be terminating their contract with him starting from today.

It’s true that Wonho had his baggage and body searched at the airport in September 2019 after returning from Germany. We were told that it was a simple process and a part of the customs process. We had no idea that Wonho was being investigated and that there was an investigation about an illegal use of marijuana from back in 2013.

We decided that it was no longer possible to continue our contract with Wonho in relation to the recent situations. We will be terminating our contract with Wonho as of November 1, 2019.

— Starship Entertainment

Meanwhile, MONSTA X fans are actively protesting against his departure from the group by expressing themselves through social media, petitions, and public protests.

Source: Sports Chosun

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