MONSTA X Fans Covers Starship Entertainment In Post-Its As A Sign Of Protest Of Wonho’s Departure

Starship took it all down immediately.

Starship Entertainment announced that Wonho will be leaving MONSTA X after he was accused of stealing and owing money to Jung Da Eun. He personally wrote a handwritten letter to his fans explaining his decision.


Soon afterwards, MONSTA X fans began protesting his departure through social media and petitions. Those who were in Korea even covered Starship Entertainment’s building with post-it notes with messages for Wonho and Starship.


All of the notes contained messages criticizing Starship for not being able to “protect” Wonho and some begged Wonho to change his mind.


Some excessive fans even went far as to hang large signs from the rooftop, bashing Starship for “poor management” and blaming Wonho’s departure on them.


However, by the next morning, Starship’s building was wiped clear of all of the fans’ messages and signs.


Starship had reportedly gathered employees to take down the post its early in the morning.


Despite the fans’ many protests, Wonho has yet to make any following statements. Starship Entertainment also remains silent about updates on the protests or Jung Da Eun’s latest accusations claiming that Wonho illegally smoked marijuana with her.

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