Dispatch Reveals Wonho Purchased Marijuana and Smoked It With Jung Da Eun, Former Burning Sun MD Ignores It

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Dispatch has reported that Wonho and Jung Da Eun smoked marijuana together in October 2013, and they were caught by “Jo“, a former Burning Sun director and MD, and now currently at the Seoul Detention Center. Koreaboo has translated Dispatch’s entire report.

In October 2013, 3 people were gathered in the same place. They were gathered in the same house, with “A” and “B” in the living room, and “C” in a dressing room. “A” and “B” were unaware that “C” was at the residence. “C” heard the conversation between “A” and “B” while in the dressing room. He later met with Dispatch to tell his story, and Dispatch also met with “B” to confirm the story.

1. Who is “A”, “B”, and “C”?

Male A: “A” is an idol. His real name is Lee Ho Seok. His stage name is Wonho, the lead vocalist of MONSTA X. He also had the role of lead dancer. On October 31, 2019, he left the group.

Female B: “B” is Jung Da Eun. She made her debut on Comedy TV’s Ulzzang Generation in 2009. She worked as a fitting model. Her connection with Wonho is through Ulzzang Generation. In 2012, the two lived together in Yeoksam-dong, but they were not dating.

Male C: “C” is Jo XX (name redacted). He was the general director of Burning Sun, and later transitioned to MD. Currently, he is in the Seoul Detention Center. He is accused of using drugs such as marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and ketamine in the Burning Sun scandal.

2. Jo’s story, October 2013

Jo called Jung Da Eun one day, in October 2013.

Jo: Can I borrow your Balmain belt?

Jung Da Eun: You can, it is in the closet of our house.

Jo: Where are you right now?

Jung Da Eun: I’m at a cafe with a friend. The house password is XXXX. Go find it.

Jo went to Jung Da Eun’s house to look for the belt. There was no one at home at the time. He pressed the password given to him by Jung Da Eun, and entered the house. After passing the living room, he headed to the closet, and began to look for it.

While he was looking for the belt, the front door opened. Jung Da Eun’s voice could be heard, along with another male voice. Jo hestitated, wondering if he should leave or stay… He overheard a conversation between the two.


3. Jung Da Eun, October 2013

Jung Da Eun met up with Wonho after a long time. They first met at a cafe near the Yeoksam-dong house. During their meeting, Jung Da Eun received a call from a close “hyung”, Jo. He asked her to lend him her Balmain belt. Jung Da Eun gave him her door password and told him to find it.

Jung Da Eun continued to chat with Wonho. Later on, Wonho stealthily pulled out something from his pocket.

Wonho: Have you smoked this?

Jung Da Eun: Where did you get this?

Inside a zipper bag, was marijuana. The two then left the cafe. They went to Jung Da Eun’s house, and smoked the marijuana in the living room. They smoked it without realizing that Jo was still in the house.


4. The same day, Jung Da Eun and Jo’s meeting

Wonho’s phone rang. He left the house to talk on the phone. Only at that time, did Jo exit the closet. Jung Da Eun was surprised to see Jo still at the house.

Jo: What were you two doing?

Jung Da Eun: Just pretend you didn’t see anything.

Jo: It smells like weed.

Jo smelled the marijuana. He asked Jung Da Eun who “Ho Seok” is. Jung Da Eun told Jo that “Ho Seok” is a trainee, and added that Jo should just ignore the happening.

In no time, Jo agreed to just ignore the issue. And he left Jung Da Eun’s house. Wonho was still on the phone outside, at the time Jo left.


5. Jo, in October 2019

Dispatch met Jo at the Seoul Detention Center in early October, 2019. He is in prison on charges of violating the Drug Control Act. According to Dispatch, Jo still remembers the events from October 2013 very vividly.

In October 2013, Wonho and Jung Da Eun smoked marijuana while I was in the closet.

I was looking for a Balmain belt in the closet. At that time, someone came into the house. Da Eun and some guy came in. Da Eun called that guy ‘Ho Seok’.

— Jo

Jo also overheard their conversation from the closet.

They talked about marijuana. Shortly after, I heard a cough. The smell of marijuana also came from the living room. After that, the man left the house. I also left the closet at that time.

— Jo


6. Jung Da Eun, in October 2019

Did Wonho really smoke marijuana? According to Jo, Wonho did. Dispatch met with Jung Da Eun in October for 2 interviews. Jung Da Eun was able to accurately recall the day’s events. She even described the layout of the house at the time.

We met at a cafe near my house. Wonho took out a zipper bag and showed it to me. There was marijuana in it. We went home.

— Jung Da Eun

Jung Da Eun was also able to recall how Wonho smoked the marijuana.

I asked him where he got it from, but he said it was a secret. But I guessed the person that sold it to him.

— Jung Da Eun

In a bit of a paradox, Jung Da Eun also outed herself when identifying the dealer.

Yes, it’s true. I smoked marijuana with him. But that’s the truth. It’s also right that Jo was in the closet and heard it.

— Jung Da Eun


7. September 2019, Drug Investigation Team

Police conducted an internal investigation into the original case involving Wonho. The investigations were conducted by two different drug investigation teams in the provincial police agencies, however Dispatch states that there was some confusion in the process.

One issue is that one drug investigation team received a tip-off from Jo about the case. They also were able to secure a statement from Jung Da Eun. The police determined that their testimonies were credible.

But at the time of the investigation, Jo was in the Seoul Detention Center. Jung Da Eun was at the Gwangju Detention Center. They were in different detention centers, but their statements about Wonho were consistent with each other.

A different drug investigation team also investigated Wonho’s surroundings. They questioned his classmates from high school in 2008, who were imprisoned for special larceny in juvenile. At that time, Wonho also participated in the crime.


8. 2008, Juvenile Delinquent

During its investigations, Dispatch uncovered another past event from Wonho. In 2008, he committed special larceny (theft). The leader of the theft was sent to a juvenile detention center, while Wonho was given probation.

It is a measure for juvenile delinquents based on juvenile law 4 or 5. Instead of restricting their freedom by sending them to a detention center, they are to lead a normal school life. This is to correct the criminal mentality and prevent recidivism through the guidance and supervision of probation officers.

— Quote source not given

It was also revealed by Jung Da Eun that Wonho had some debts, including stolen goods.

Things like my Balmain silver jeans, 2 Bang & Olufsen headphones, a Canon 420D camera, an iPod, and more went missing. It turns out, selling posts for these items were uploaded onto a second-hand selling site.

— Jung Da Eun

Dispatch was able to speak with “D”, an acquaintance of both Wonho and Jung Da Eun.

I found out that the limited edition items were listed for sale on a second-hand selling site.

Da Eun’s items were on Joonggo Nara. I checked the seller’s phone number, and it was Ho Seok’s phone number. I took a picture of the sale listing and told Da Eun.

— “D”


9. 2019, The Future

In late September, 2019, MONSTA X was making their way back to Korea after a concert in Germany. One drug investigation team was waiting for him at Incheon International Airport. They took a hair sample from him to conduct a drug test.

The police did not reveal the results of the drug test to Dispatch. They did not say anything about the investigations. Currently, they say that they are internally investigating the case. The statute of limitations for drug cases is 7 years. This means that there is about 1 year left for police to investigate Wonho’s marijuana case.

Because the police have secured 2 statements, they need to swiftly investigate this case. If Wonho refuses to comply with the requests for his attendance, the statute of limitations may end.

— Lawyer Jung Chan, Teheran Law Firm

Police have not yet summoned Wonho. Currently, they are focusing on the drug usage.

Former MONSTA X's Wonho vs. Jung Da Eun