Han Seo Hee Reveals Chat Log Shared with Her Mother During B.I and Wonho Controversies

The texts from her mother are full of love and support.

Former idol trainee, Han Seo Hee recently revealed a chat log shared with her mother along with the caption, “I’ll remember to reply to you from now on, Mom.

The chat log consists of numerous messages sent to Han Seo Hee by her mother, and it reads as follows:

Seo Hee, I’m always on your side. You have courage. Cheer up.

I wish you’d contact me from time to time. I’m worried. Remember to eat your meals. Big people are meant to be faced with big things. And right now, you’re saying the right things. I’m sure there are lots of people supporting you and helping you. There are probably a lot of people who thought you were unreasonable.

I trust you, and I love you more than anything else.

I love you lots, Seo Hee.

Get along well with Da Eun and don’t fight.

Han Seo Hee’s Mother

The first three messages were sent back in June when Han Seo Hee exposed B.I for a drug controversy that ultimately led to B.I leaving iKON.

The last message was sent to Han Seo Hee today, following her claims against MONSTA X‘s Wonho and Shownu which led to Wonho leaving the group as well.

Source: The Qoo

B.I's Drug Scandal

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