MONSTA X Continue To Promote “Follow” As A Six-Membered Group, Monbebes Wholeheartedly Support

“We’re always with you, MONSTA X.”

On November 1, 2019, days after having Wonho withdrawn from the group — for his string of scandals, the latest one involving marijuana use — MONSTA X appeared on Music Bank and performed “Follow” as a six-membered group.


The lines have been redistributed among the remaining six members and the choreography has also been rearranged to better fit the even-numbered team.


And as “cruel” as Monbebes have come to believe this situation is, for the remaining members to push through the promotions amidst everything that has happened to the group, MONSTA X try their best to stay strong and move forward…


… and heart broken Monbebes continue to support the group, leaving comments of love, appreciation, and encouragement for the members.


In the meanwhile, no additional news has been shared regarding Wonho’s scandal. Some fans, claiming Starship Entertainment was wrong to have terminated the contract with Wonho, have been “protesting” and requesting that the agency and team take him back.

MONSTA X Fans Covers Starship Entertainment In Post-Its As A Sign Of Protest Of Wonho’s Departure


Watch MONSTA X’s latest performance here: