5 Highly Anticipated K-Dramas Set To Release May 2023

May is set to be an amazing month for all K-Drama fans.

May 2023 is looking to be a promising month for K-drama fans with an amazing lineup of these five highly-anticipated series. From romantic dramas to action-packed thrillers, these upcoming shows are sure to capture the attention and hearts of audiences around the world.

1. My Perfect Stranger

Coming as soon as May 1, My Perfect Stranger tells the story of Yoon Hae Joon (Kim Dong Wook), a news anchor who started as a local news reporter, and Baek Yoon Young (Jin Ki Joo), a woman who dreamed of being a writer but works at a publishing company. One day, they both find themselves transported back in time to the year 1987, where they pursue different goals. Hae Joon attempts to uncover a serial murder case, while Yoon Young tries to prevent her parents’ marriage. As the series carries on, they soon discover their objectives are connected.


2. All That We Loved

This upcoming TVING K-drama centers around Go Yoo (EXO‘s Sehun), a fearless 18-year-old high school student who excels at basketball. Go Yoo is best friends with Go Joon Hee (Jo Joon Young), a physically weak student who has cellular memory syndrome after receiving a kidney transplant from Yoo. All That We Loved follows the two boys as they both develop feelings for transfer student Han So Yeon (Jang Yeo Bin), who appears distant and cold due to a secret she is keeping.

All That We Loved will release on May 5, with eight episodes set to air weekly.


3. Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938

With its first episode set to air on May 6, Tale of the Nine-Tailed 1938 centers around Lee Yeon (Lee Dong Wook) as he is unexpectedly transported back in time to 1938.

There he reunites with Ryu Hong Joo (Kim So Yeon), a former guardian spirit whom he had met before. Hong Joo, now the owner of a high-end restaurant, feels excited to meet Yeon again. Yeon also encounters his younger brother Lee Rang while struggling to return to the present day, where his loved one resides. Meanwhile, Cheon Mu Young (Ryu Kyung Soo), a former guardian spirit and friend of Yeon and Hong-Joo, becomes hostile towards Yeon due to a case.


4. Race

One of the few upcoming K-Dramas set to air on Disney+Race‘s first episode will release on May 10.

In the series Park Yoon Zo (Lee Yeon Hee) is an ordinary single woman who starts working in the PR department of a large company with her friend Ryu Jae Min (Hong Jong Hyun). She begins to work with Ku Yi Jung (Moon So Ri), an expert in the PR field and grows both personally and professionally. Meanwhile, Seo Dong Hoon (TVXQ!‘s U-Know Yunho) is the CEO of the PR agency and values free expression with his flexible mindset.

| Disney+

5. Black Knight

Black Knight is the latest K-Drama set to release on the popular streaming service Netflix on May 12. The show is set in the year 2071 after the world has been destroyed by toxic air pollution. Only one percent of the population has survived and people have to wear gas masks to survive outside.

In this society, citizens rely heavily on parcel delivery drivers, called knights. Knight 5-8 (Kim Woo Bin), a legendary and skilled worker, meets a refugee boy named Sa Wol (Kang You Seok), who dreams of becoming a knight like him. Seol A (Esom), an officer in the Defense Intelligence Command, saves Sa Wol’s life and takes care of him. Knight 5-8 then helps Sa Wol achieve his dream of becoming a skillful knight.

| Netflix
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