HINAPIA Reveal That The Former Pristin Members In The Group Were The Only Ones Who Still Wanted To Do Music

They opened up about it.

HINAPIA opened up about their passion for continuing music.

On November 22, HINAPIA sat down for an interview with JoyNews24 held at Star Café Labueno. Many fans came to see them there, and the girls expressed their love for and happiness at seeing the fans that had gathered for them.

The group covered many topics in the interview, and one of the topics that came up was the disbandment of Pristin, and how former members Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Yaebin and Eunwoo decided to start fresh and re-debut as HINAPIA, under OSR Entertainment.


Minkyeung spoke up first, and revealed how the 4 members from Pristin were the only ones who wanted to continue to perform on stage after the disbandment.

When Pristin’s disbandment was being discussed, all the members were in talks with the company. There were some members that wanted to pursue their education and others that wanted to go their own way. We talked honestly amongst ourselves about what we wanted to do after the disbandment.

The only members who wanted to promote as singers in the future were us four members.



The members further revealed that they didn’t want to disband, but their company, PLEDIS Entertainment, felt that that was the only choice left to them.

From our side of things, we felt it was a shame that we had to disband, but the company felt that that was the only choice left. But thanks to all the truthful discussions among us, we were able to share all our future plans and quickly make realistic decisions that were best for us.



Despite all their obstacles, Minkyeung, Gyeongwon, Yaebin and Eunwoo are now back to doing what they love, along with a new member, Bada! The Pristin members have also shown that they’re still close, and are supporting each other, always!


HINAPIA debuted on November 3 with single album NEW START and title track “Drip”.


Source: JoyNews24