Former PRISTIN Members’ Re-Debut Group HINAPIA Announces Their Official Debut Date

They revealed their group concept.

HINAPIA is an upcoming 5-member girl group featuring 4 former members of PRISTIN. Their new agency had previously announced that Eunwoo, Minkyung (Roa), Kyungwon (Yuha), and Yebin (Rena) will be re-debuting with a fifth mystery member.

And their debut date has officially been announced! The group will debut on November 3, which is just a little over a week from now! Their agency revealed that the group will be showcasing a “unique performance” and “girl-crush charm”.

HINAPIA’s debut date has been confirmed as November 3. HINAPIA is a 5 member group consisting of Minkyung, Kyungwon, Yebin, Eunwoo, and a last member who has not been revealed yet.

You will be able to see HINAPIA’s unique performance that’s overflowing with character, as well as their girl crush charm.

— Al Seul Bit Entertainment


The four members were once a part of PRISTIN, a 10-member girl group under Pledis Entertainment. The group found success even during their early debut days but suddenly disbanded after taking a lengthy hiatus.

Source: Xports News