Hini releases music video teaser for “Clutch Bag”

Hini prepares for her comeback in her teaser for “Clutch Bag”, featuring Korean-American Nancy Lang. The teaser comes with two parts, one of which shows the event through Hini’s perspective and the other showing Nancy Lang’s.

Debuting in 2012, Hini was discovered by Jung Tae Won who aided in the production of the dramas Iris and Athena and also helped push Baek Ji Young and and Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon to sing in OST albums.

Korean-American Nancy Lang features in Hini’s music video, “Clutch Bag” as the two girls alternate positions after they each handcuff one of their wrists, walk through the door, and come out as a different person. The girls are found holding and petting a stuffed cat while a clutch bag is lying on a wooden chest next to them.

Check out her teaser video below!

Source: CJENMMUSIC Official

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