Hip-Hop Producer TM88 Posts and Deletes Message Looking For Suga, Fans Takeover His Search

Regardless, ARMYs are in action trying to link the two artists together!

The American record producer and DJ, TM88, recently uploaded a post on his Twitter asking how he can get in touch with BTS’ Suga.


As the post started gaining attention, however, the producer deleted the post without notice. Luckily, fans who saw the post before it was deleted have been trying their best to get Suga’s attention and link the two artists together.


Since the incident, the hashtag #TM88xBTS has been trending among fans in hopes that it would bring about an Agust D comeback.


TM88 has since explained that he “didn’t quickly delete it, it was up all day.”


The reason as to why TM88 has deleted the post, however, is still unclear and fans have been suspecting that it could be related to the Charlie Puth incident.

Korean And International ARMYs Clash On Jungkook’s Friendship With Charlie Puth

International fans have not been very happy about how Charlie Puth has reached out to Jungkook as they have been suspecting that he is using Jungkook’s name to promote his new song.


It is possible that TM88 did not want to be seen in the same light as he made it clear in a recent post that he was not using BTS for clout.


In fact, it seems like TM88 has nothing to worry about because international ARMYs completely have his back and have been working very hard to make their collaboration a reality!


Since the deleted post, TM88 continued to show that he is a fan of BTS’ music by sharing posts of the songs that he has been listening to.


Of course, international ARMYs have been super excited to find out that TM88 was a BTS fan and have been on a cute rant introducing him to new information and new songs!


Fans are now simply hoping that they’ll be able to get the attention of Suga and Big Hit Entertainment. And so far, they’ve been doing a superb job, as expected of ARMYs!