HOLLAND Clarifies Why His New MV Was Filmed In Itaewon

He doesn’t want people to misunderstand the meaning.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of graphic content and violence that may disturb some readers.

Openly gay K-Pop idol HOLLAND has finally released his anticipated “NUMBER BOY” MV.

But he wanted to clarify the MV with its release as he expected people might misunderstand an important aspect.

HOLLAND | Warner Music Korea/YouTube

It begins in Itaewon with HOLLAND collapsed as people record him with phones rather than help him.

Warner Music Korea/YouTube

HOLLAND didn’t want people to misunderstand the scene as a reference to the horrific Itaewon Halloween Tragedy, which saw 158+ deaths and multiple injured survivors. On the main street of Itaewon, partygoers fell on each other in a narrow, sloped alleyway. The pressure of bodies led to persons being trampled and suffocated.

HOLLAND explained that the MV for “NUMBER BOY” was actually filmed prior to the tragedy. The MV’s inclusion of Itaewon Street, the actors’ interactions with him, and even the wounds on his face all reference another unfortunate incident.

Last year, in April, HOLLAND was a victim of a homophobic assault in Itaewon. After suffering the hate crime, he shared via social media, detailing what happened, including selfies of his wounds.

The “NUMBER BOY” MV references this incident, as you can see as he is depicted being pushed around before scars appear on his face, much like the ones pictured above.

Warner Music Korea/YouTube

Not only that but Itaewon Street is considered a special location for the LGBTQIA+ community in South Korea. So, HOLLAND and the MV’s director also chose the location for this reason.

‘Homo Hill,’ also known as ‘The Hill’ or ‘LGBTQ Street’, is an informal name for an LGBTQ+ neighborhood in Itaewon, Seoul, South Korea. It is occupied by numerous LGBTQ+ establishments and is considered a safe space for LGBTQ+-identifying people. The creation of ‘Homo Hill’ stems from the formation of the entertainment area for U.S. military soldiers during the time of the Korean War.

— Wikipedia

HOLLAND concluded his post by expressing his condolences again to all who have suffered since the Itaewon Halloween Tragedy.

Previously, HOLLAND released a statement, postponing the release of what we now know as “NUMBER BOY.” At the time, he both offered his condolences and apologized to his staff and fans.

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