Holland Reveals He Gets Inspiration From Actor Who Played His Boyfriend In “Nar_C”

They were co-actors in his debut music video.

Singer Holland has revealed another piece of information that will get fan’s hearts beating!


Talking to the Daily Star, he explained that the inspiration he gets for his music comes from daily life.

Most of the inspiration comes from my life stories.

– Holland

His newest track, “Loved You Better”, is the perfect example of this, he says.


Besides real life, he also finds inspiration from his co-workers—a very special one, to be specific.

Recently there’s an actor who portrayed my boyfriend in the music video for ‘Nar_C’ and I had a lot of inspiration from him

– Holland

The actor who played “Jaeseok” in the debut music video seemed to have cemented his place in Holland’s memory!


This is not the first time Holland mentioned the actor. He shared a poignant message to him on Twitter last June 2019.


The singer is known for championing LGBTQ rights, most recently asking viewers to be more empathetic towards minority communities.

Source: Daily Star