You Won’t Believe These Celebrities Attended BTS’ Concerts in America

“Is it me or he looks like _______?”

Matthew McConaughey recently surprised fans by not only showing up at BTS’ concert with his family, but leaving with bags of BTS merchandise!

Matthew McConaughey Spotted Attending BTS’s Concert With His Kids


But it wasn’t just Matthew McConaughey who attended BTS’ concerts. Dylan O’Brien from the blockbuster film The Maze Runner was also spotted at BTS’ concert with a yellow headband and pink mask.


In the video, next to Dylan O’Brien wearing a white eye mask on his head was also the actor Max Minghella, who currently stars in the drama series The Handmaid’s Tale.


In fact, Max Minghella has revealed that he became a huge fan of BTS because of Dylan O’Brien. He then introduced the idol group to Elle Fanning, who also became a fan.


Actress Maria Canals-Barrera, who is most known for her role in Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place and often called “Selena Gomez’s TV mom” also showed up at BTS’ tour concert.


According to the captions in her posts, she too is a BTS fan!


Other celebrities who were said to have been spotted at the concerts included the former professional baseball player Park Chan Ho and the British television producer Simon Cowell!

Source: Pann Nate