Matthew McConaughey Spotted Attending BTS’s Concert With His Kids

He brought his whole family to the show!

BTS recently held their “LOVE YOURSELF” world tour concert at Fort Worth, Texas. Among the thousands of ARMYs that showed up, one particular fan became the center of attention.


That fan was Hollywood star, Matthew McConaughey!


He was dressed casual in a plain shirt and jeans paired with a cap and shades. His shirt had his signature phrase, “Alright, alright, alright”!


Matthew McConaughey was spotted entering the concert hall with his children and wife earlier that day.


He sat among the fans as his family and he enjoyed the concert.


He even took fancams of the complete experience, most definitely in awe of the love between BTS and ARMY!


And before he left the concert that night, he did what any true ARMY would do… buy bags and bags of BTS merchandise!


True testimony of legends supporting legends!