Hollywood’s “Seoul Girls” Movie: Here’s Why K-Pop Fans Aren’t Thrilled About It

“Don’t treat K-Pop like a cheap comedy.”

Hollywood’s first-ever K-Pop movie has been given the green light, but not by most K-Pop fans.


Seoul Girls is an upcoming comedy about a Korean-American high school girl and her friends, who are competing to be the opening act for the world’s biggest K-Pop boy group. With the help of a former UK girl group member and a former K-Pop trainee, the girls hope to make their dreams become reality. Seoul Girls was penned by Pitch Perfect star Rebel Wilson and revised by Billions writer Young Il Kim.


The film’s premise alone has some fans questioning its authenticity. Fans have pointed out that in K-Pop, opening acts do exist, but they are a rarity, not the norm.


Other fans worry that Seoul Girls will be a “cheap comedy” that is cliche and stereotypical at best, and xenophobic at worst.


Rebel Wilson says that that film will be “full of diverse roles” and that she loves K-Pop, but some fans do not feel she is the right person for the project.


Casting choices are a concern as well. Some fans are worried that Seoul Girls will be miscast, or even whitewashed.


Although much of the feedback for Seoul Girls has been negative so far, some fans are reserving judgment and looking on the bright side.