HolyBang’s Honey-J Reveals Her Exquisitely Intimate Engagement Photos And Her Dashing Groom

Congratulations to the couple!

Dancer Honey-J revealed her engagement photos on the day before her wedding.

Honey-J | @__honey.j__/Instagram

On November 17, Honey-J uploaded the pictures to her Instagram. In the post, the dancer simply wishes for herself and her husband-to-be happiness.

D-1. Hopefully (our lives) will be full of happiness.

— Honey-J

The dancer revealed her gorgeous engagement photos with her strapping fiance, who is said to be working in the fashion industry and is one year her junior.

Honey-J (left) and her fiance (right) | @_honey.j_/Instagram
| @_honey.j_/Instagram

The pictorial features the couple in several different outfits. The photos included the couple looking ravishingly beautiful in a dashing classic dress and tuxedo.

| @_honey.j_/Instagram
| @_honey.j_/Instagram

The couple also showed off their playful side in this lovely powder blue and white ensemble.

| @_honey.j_/Instagram

And in true Honey-J fashion, the couple showed off these exquisite pictures featuring Honey-J as a bride in black.

| @_honey.j_/Instagram
| @_honey.j_/Instagram

Honey-J capped off her pictorial by sharing with fans this intimate photo of the couple.

| @_honey.j_/Instagram

Fellow dancers and celebrities couldn’t hold back from expressing their approval. Many of her closest colleagues congratulated the couple on their impending nuptials.

| @_honey.j_/Instagram
  • “I’m already getting tears.”
  • “🥺♥️👏🏻♥️”
  • “Bless you.”
  • “The last picture is crazy. Add me as one of the people that are getting butterflies for you. I’m happy seeing how happy you look. Congratulations, and I wish only happiness for you.”
  • “I hope my teacher (Honey-J) is the happiest person in the world.”
  • “Wow!”
  • “Wow, congratulations!”

Honey-J is the leader of the dance crew HolyBang and is one of Korea’s most revered dancers. The dancer shot to fame thanks to her incredible performances on Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter. Honey-J will be marrying her fiance on November 18.

Can’t get enough of Honey-J? Check out her recently released dance visual “Honey Drop” in the link below!

Source: @__honey.j__/Instagram and Wikitree
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