Netizen That Claimed Gagwoman Hong Hyun Hee Was A School Bully Admits To “Error In Memory”

Hong Hyun Hee canceled the lawsuit.

It has been revealed that gagwoman Hong Hyun Hee has decided to cancel the lawsuit she previously filed against a netizen (henceforth known as ‘K‘). K had claimed that the gagwoman had been a school bully.

On March 13, 2021, it was made known by her agency, Bliss Entertainment, that the two had met and Hong Hyun Hee had received an apology from K. On March 11, she had previously filed a lawsuit against K on the grounds of slander and spread of falsehoods. K had contacted Hong Hyun Hee to meet up and eventually apologized for “an error in memory“.

K previously accused Hong Hyun Hee of throwing erasers at her, throwing food at her as well as making her an outcast and insulting her. Hong Hyun Hee had then responded through her agency that she looked exactly the same back then compared to now, hence it was near impossible for her to make someone else an outcast or mock their looks.

The matter has concluded with the apology and admission from K.

Source: Star Today