Hong Jin Young Admits To Her Plagiarism Allegations And Officially Apologizes

She takes full responsibility.

Trot singer Hong Jin Young shocked netizens just a few weeks ago when plagiarism allegations surrounding her master’s thesis paper made headlines. The solo artist just released a statement regarding the controversy.

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Hong Jin Young officially released a statement addressing and acknowledging her plagiarism allegations on December 18.

I have accepted the conclusion that Chosun University made in regards to my plagiarism allegations. I fully acknowledge and accept all the allegations. I deeply regret it and will reflect on my actions.

— Hong Jin Young

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The trot singer continued with her apology, expressing her sorrow knowing that there are people out there who work tirelessly for their thesis papers.

To those who work day and night to prepare their master’s and doctoral thesis’, I made a huge mistake.

— Hong Jin Young

She revealed the reason why her apology was so delayed and why she was afraid of admitting her faults.

I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to stand on stage again if I acknowledged my wrongdoing. I tried to rationalize it by saying that ‘the professor said there’s no problem’ and ‘I’m not going to lecture with my degree’. Instead of apologizing and getting rightfully punished for my mistake, I was too busy thinking of excuses. I was unable to act maturely.

— Hong Jin Young

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She concluded her apology by sharing how she hopes to repay all the love she’s received from her fans.

Compared to my past, I have been receiving a lot of love. I will start to quietly reflect on my life. I will look for meaningful and good works to do in an effort to repay all the love I have received from everyone.

— Hong Jin Young

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Hong Jin Young was accused of plagiarizing her master’s thesis paper after it was revealed that the plagiarism rate was 74%. After the news broke, Hong Jin Young took to her personal Instagram page to deny the rumors stating that there was no problem with her paper back in 2009 when she submitted it. Shortly after, however, she acknowledged that whether or not she plagiarized, she still had a role in the controversy and that she would be giving up her master’s and doctoral degrees.

Source: Insight and JoongAhn Daily